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May 31, 2011


I am mortified of snakes, but regarding this entire site? I am so thrilled for you! Proud, excited, full of anticipation...celebrating your passion, creativity, sense of exploration & fearlessness... You get the idea. Consider yourself hugged, tightly. xo, Sandie

I love our Western Racers (I suppose our northwestern equivalent of garter snakes) but they always surprise and take my breath away when I come across one. Currently, one has taken up residence in the greenhouse. I walk carefully...

You could send the snakes to my house. One special memory was a Girl Scouts trip where a park ranger let us handle a snake. So silky smooth.

Sandie, I actually know people here who have snakes inside their houses. I'm biting my tongue, because thank goodness that's never happened to us!

Christine, to be honest, I'm always afraid I'll run over one with the lawn mower. Ugh.

Susan, so you have good snake memories? I can't imagine it!

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