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February 9, 2013


Don't you just love the quiet after a big snowfall? Looks very peaceful where you are! I've been hearing plow trucks scraping by all day, but I'm looking forward to a little temperature increase + snow play! (No more shoveling, please!)

Beautiful! We were kind of sad we didn't get any of that snow here. I love that you have been making snow art. ;-)

How good that you have electricity! We have been concerned about you and your neighbors. Glad you are safe and warm. We hope to see pictures of snow art. Love, Candy and Dave

Courney, there is nothing more beautiful. We still haven't been plowed out, and we might have a bit more shoveling to do, but it all feels like play today.

Shirley, my husband is a snow visionary! Maybe it's because he is Canadian?

Candy, we are fine, just lots of beautiful snow. I've been posting photos of Ted's snow art on my Facebook page.

This is absolutely beautiful! We've been looking for a log home in the country to buy to semi-retire...when I brought this up (from my friend Shirley Braden's post on Facebook) my husband thought I had found the perfect property to buy! Hope you enjoy the snow, the coziness, and I know Spring is just around the corner!

Brrrrrrrr.......but charming photo. You and your family are pioneers of a sort. :)

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