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February 2, 2013


I could really use a pair of these red shoes. Wondering what brand and where I can purchase them?? Thanks in advance for the information.

Connie, I got them at LL Bean. But there is a popular brand called Yak Trax that are available widely, including REI stores. My orange ones are Yak Trax.

I'm kind of sorry that you have to have those, but there have definitely been times that even I could have used some of those here in VA! I saw your photo the other day and was waiting for the explanation. ;-) Thanks, Lydia!


Ah, the accoutrements of country living. Here it's mud boots, which are a 3-season necessity. Thanks for The Red Shoes link. I must find the movie!

Shirley, these are life savers. Before I got them, I was so afraid of falling on the ice (having had two bad ice falls, I definitely did not want to repeat that experience). With the red shoes, I can get to my car, or even off the front steps when there's a layer of ice underneath the snow. Yay!

Christine, we need mud boots, too. In April!

Here's the classic on New England seasons:

The Nine Seasons Cookbook: More Than 150 Recipes to Get You from Mud Season to Fall Foliage and Back Again by Pat Haley

She lives near us and is a delightful woman.

Those shoes: I think I have some! Have to try them for the treacherous uphill walk to the mailbox (downhill return, of course).

Susan, I've got to look for that cookbook. And I know what you mean -- our mailbox is downhill from the house, which is a walk of terror when there's ice on the driveway. Uphill is only slightly easier. Or, maybe it's the knowledge that I'd fall forward rather than backwards that's easier.

Charming and practical !

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