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April 27, 2013


I notice that where nesting used to be inevitable on public buildings, they are now putting very sharp spiny things so nothing can settle.

We will scamper quickly past the nests when we visit you, of course.

I love to see signs of the "circle of life" around the yard, but not in my doorway. Good luck discouraging this nest.

Donna, I expect to lose the battle!

Ann, call me crazy, but I love having the nests on the house every Spring. It drives the cats crazy, of course, but we've had quite a few successful births over the years we've been here.

Fun, and I'm seeing this in The Old Reader so I may have successfully switched.

So much is about timing WHEN birds decide to nest in prime spots. Every year Carolina wrens try to build somewhere on our property. They typically pick our newspaper box. That only works well if they really work hard before the next paper is delivered. Then the paper lady just puts our paper in a bag on the ground for us. This year they have been unsuccessful so far though. They just don't get enough done before she pushed the paper in and compacts their work too much. :-( They have also built nests many places in our garage because hubby tends to leave one window cracked for ventilation at all times. One year they built a nest in my motorcycle helmet that was uncharacteristically facing up. ;-)

I've been seeing you and Kalyn talk about The Old Reader. Sounds like that is how I will go, too. Thanks!

Happy Spring, Lydia!

A bird built a nest on our rear deck, over some lights. It's a ledge just the right size, but the lights are rarely turned on, so no egg warming, sorry... Every time I open the door, I see the bird fly away, inducing guilt that I am intruding. At least it's away from the doorway -- safe from poop drops. Just waiting to hear the little peeps.

Susan, our concern was that once the eggs were laid, the bird would begin to attack to keep people away from the door. As it is, we found a way to deter him from building in this spot, and he moved the nest to an appropriate nook right over my desk window.

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