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September 1, 2013


I feel for you, Lydia. Great, old trees are like old and dear friends. You grieve their loss as you would a loved one. They ARE a loved one. Take heart in knowing the forest will recover and so will you.
It looks as though that group of guys did a stellar and respectful job of removing the tree.

Yes, it's tough to lose trees. Usually when we lose one, at least it becomes firewood, so its use continues a bit longer. Obviously that wasn't an option for your tree. I admire your philosophy on letting it go. Often, the loss of a tree brings other unexpected joys, too. Ferns and other plants, or seedling trees of new varieties sprouting up due to the extra sunlight, a shiny spot in the woods, a new spot where the sunset can peek through, etc. Hope you get something like that to ease the sadness.


I am a tree hugger, lover of these beautiful beings. I have been to the Northwest and seen the huge trees far too big for even 8 people to hug together! To me, they carry ancient life and knowledge. They offer so much to us for free.
We live in the woods and lost many, many trees to Superstorm Sandy, as it was called here in West Virginia. Though it was shocking and traumatic for us people, I see the wildlife going on as if nothing happened. Life goes ever on! Grieve, but not for long.

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