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Bringing a new puppy at home – tips to accommodate him

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You’ve adopted the puppy, bought supplies, and established some household rules for the family to help them adjust to the new member. Now you have to bring the little one home and you’re both anxious and excited. Of course, you feel this way because you cannot wait to start this new bond. But you should also try to imagine what the puppy feels. He’s taken from the only family he ever knew, his familiar home, and the humans who cared for him until now. It can be scary and confusing for them to leave everything behind and go away with some strangers. So, you need to do your best to help him adjust to his new life.


Your first instinct is to bring him home and introduce him to the entire family. But planning a playdate may not be the ideal introduction because it can scare him.

Here is how to help him adapt to his forever home.


Pick a potty spot

The first place you should take him to the moment you arrive at home is the potty area. He may relieve himself the moment you put him down because he’ll be very nervous. If he does it you should use a command like go potty so he can associate it with the place and relieving himself. You veterinær will probably also advise you to praise him when he uses the designed place to potty.

Introduce him to his new home     

Before bringing the puppy home you should prepare a puppy-proofed area where he can stay comfortably. You cannot leave him roam around the entire house from the first day because he may experience a sensory overload. There are too many places, smells, people, and distractions that can confuse him. Created a designed area where he can spend his first days and place his food and water there. This way he can familiarise with the house gradually. When he feels more confident you can leave him go in exploratory missions. Ask the veterinarian from the dyreklinikk how you should introduce him to the house because it can vary according to the breed.

Give him something to chew

If you researched before adopting the puppy you already know that young dogs love to chew and they, do it even for a couple of years. provide him with a couple of toys safe to chew and when he starts to shew other things, redirect him to his designed toys.

Show him his sleeping place

During the first year of life puppies sleep even 20 hours a day and often drop in their tracks. So don’t be surprised to find yours asleep next to his food or at middle of the stairs because he gelt sleepy while climbing them. When you find him asleep around the house take him to his designed sleeping place so he can associate it with its purpose. Dogs prefer the security and safety of their own place, and in time the sleeping environment will become their safe place. Encourage him to sleep there even if you want to snuggle with him in the bed.