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How to create a pet-friendly environment in your home

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We love our furry friends to bits because they are part of our lives and part of our family. They’re the best companions one could ask for, giving us unconditional love and standing by our side no matter what. The least we could do is show them the care and attention they deserve.

If you’re a new pet parent, you should know it takes more than regular visits to the dyrlegevakt to ensure the wellbeing of your pet. Whether you live in a large house with plenty of space for your pet to run around or a small cozy apartment, it’s extremely important to create a pet-friendly environment to make sure your four-legged companion lives his best life. These useful tips will show you exactly how to do it.

Inspect your home for pet hazards

You might think your house is a safe haven for your dog or cat, but at a closer look you might discover various items that can be dangerous for your pet. Looking after a pet is almost like looking after a child. They’re unaware of the potential risks lying around the house, so it’s your responsibility to make sure they’re completely safe and they won’t get in any trouble. Otherwise, trips to dyrlege Trondheim can become part of your routine. Keep all dangerous items such as insecticides, medicines, electrical cords or sharp objects out of their reach to create a hazard-free environment.  

Create a cozy nook for them

Just like you need your personal space where you can rest and relax, so does your pet. Although some owners allow their pets to share a bed with them, they’ll be much more comfortable if they have their own nook. This is especially important for dogs since they need a place where they can relax after long walks or find some peace and comfort when they get back from the dyreklinikk (not exactly a pleasant experience for most of them).

Choose pet-friendly materials around the house

One of the biggest challenges for pet owners when designing their home is finding the right materials. Floors are usually the trickiest part and they also take up a large area of your house, so you must choose the materials wisely. It’s recommended to go for ceramic tiles or laminate floors since they’re the most durable solution, but you can also opt for carpets if you want something a bit more snuggly. Just make sure you avoid loop piles and choose a low pile in a darker color.

Keep them busy

Left unattended and with nothing to keep them busy, pets can turn your house into a complete mess. Don’t be surprised if you get home and find your pillows and curtains torn up or your furniture all covered in scratches. It won’t be a pretty sight, but pets have their needs and if you ignore them, they’ll just find a way to manage on their own. Scratching posts and a few small toys are great for cats, while dogs need interactive toys to keep them happy.