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Physical changes that boys go through during adolescence

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A boy’s body changes tremendously during puberty. Boys who are not informed about these changes might get scared about certain things that happen to their bodies without knowing that they are part of the process. During puberty, boys become stronger and they begin to mature sexually. There are five different stages of puberty and they can occur at dissimilar ages, based on factors such as genetics or medical conditions. This article will discuss a few of the changes that occur during puberty in the case of boys and how to get used to them.

Your body shape becomes contoured

Until puberty, a boy’s body is not truly contoured. It only becomes visible after certain stages in puberty when shoulders broaden and muscles start to show up. Body definition is common around the age of 15-16. Weight gain is also common during puberty, so it is recommended to incorporate sports in your day-to-day routine to prevent excessive weight gain. Muscles will develop more and more, thus defining your body shape.

Body hair and acne appear

Before puberty, boys don’t struggler with body hair or acne, unless they have genetic conditions that determine their appearance. During puberty, things are transformed visibly. Personal hygiene should be treated differently after some changes occur – the body develops a more accentuated odor, body hair appears, pimples start to show up. All these factors require a more complex skin care routine. This is probably the best time to start shaving and using men body care products.  

Genital organs growth

This is actually the first sign of puberty in males. The growth of genital organs begins immediately after puberty starts. The testicles and scrotum will double in size before puberty ends. To follow up the changes in terms of genital organs, boys can read more about the Tanner stages that describe the process along with the age when these changes occur.

The first signs of sexual maturity appear around the age of 9 and continue until 14 (the apparition of pubic hair and slight enlargement of the genital organs). After 14 years old, the testicles and penis grow visibly in size and pubic hair becomes darker. The testicles reach adult size in the last phase of sexual maturity, when pubic hair also becomes well-distributed and of proper volume.  

Erections and masturbation

With the development of genital organs, hormones make their presence felt. Inform yourself about masturbation techniques and don’t be shy to ask your father or an older friend about the changes that you are experiencing. They are normal and everyone is going through the same phases. You may encounter nocturnal emissions, which are also common during puberty. Nocturnal emissions, also known as wet dreams, refer to ejaculating unconsciously during night. You should know that this is just another part of puberty that most boys go through and it will pass as you reach sexual maturity. You will have little control over it at first but it will get better in time.