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3 Things to Keep in Mind when Buying a Dishwasher

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Dishwashers are no longer considered the useless appliances they were seen as a few years ago and are starting to become more and more present in people’s kitchens. However, they don’t stop from evolving and finding the best unit for one’s needs might be challenging. To make the decision easier, here are three things that must be kept in mind before buying a dishwasher.

Your available space

Many people avoid getting a dishwasher because they don’t have the space necessary to put it on the floor near the kitchen cabinets. Regular models are around 30 inches wide and 25 inches deep so they fit a regular kitchen cabinet and some kitchens don’t offer that kind of storage space. In case you don’t have a large kitchen, you must know that there are smaller versions available that are more compact and require little to no floor space. How is that possible? Thanks to the counter dishwasher, the drawer dishwasher, or the portable ones that are smaller in size and can be placed on the counter, inside a kitchen drawer or even stored elsewhere in a closet or something.

Your dishwashing needs

Besides the size, dishwashers differ in many other ways like the loading capacity or the number of washing cycles they offer. When you choose your dishwasher, you must think about how many dishes you usually wash after a meal so you will know how many place setting your unit must hold. In case you want a dishwasher for a small family, a 4-place setting counter version will be perfect but if you have to wash dishes for a large family, consider a 12-place setting unit. Also, look for a half-load cycle if you need to wash fewer dishes and don’t forget about a sanitizing option in case you want to provide your family with a sanitized environment. A water-saving feature will also come in handy when you think about saving money in the long run. Decide which features are important to you and then read some dishwasher reviews to see which products come with the features that you need. You can find reviews online on many expert websites. Personally, we advise you to read the reviews posted on, because they are very concise, and they analyze the pros and cons of different dishwasher machines.

The budget you are willing to spend

Dishwashers vary in prices starting at $300 and go as high as $2000 so you will have to know your budget limit. The price is based on the brand, the size of the unit and the features it includes. Some particularities are extremely important, such as a more advanced technology, more quality materials, or more washing cycles. Consider whether or not you need a delicate washing cycle, a pre-soaking feature, or adjustable racks that will cost you extra money.