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5 Reasons why a Lawn is a Good Idea for Your Front Garden

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Are you tired of the way that your house looks? Make a major change for the better by having a lawn for your front garden. If you’re scared about making this move, read the following lines to find out the 5 reasons why a lawn is a good idea for your front garden. After reading, you will surely be convinced about making the change.

1. It adds curb appeal

We all want our home to be the envy of all our neighbors. A beautiful front garden is an essential key to having a beautiful home. Therefore, besides planting beds of flowers around your house to add curb appeal, grow a lawn as well. It will give your property a clean and spectacular appearance without looking pretentious.

2. It’s low maintenance

With the right tools, a lawn of any size can be easy to maintain. All you have to do is to water it and regularly mow the lawn and fertilize it. Instead of watering the lawn yourself every day, install a sprinkler system. Set the sprinklers to start watering the lawn at a certain time in the morning every day. This way you make sure that the water you have provided the lawn with will last throughout the day. When it comes to the process of fertilization, use natural, organic fertilizers to not damage the grass. As for mowing the lawn, buy a quality lawn mower to do the job with once every week. A lawn mower that is great to use for medium and large lawns is the Honda HRX 217VKA. You can buy this gas lawn mower for the price of $650. The cutting height that you can set for the mower is between 3/4 of an inch and 4 inches. It has a large 190cc engine that produces 90 dB while operating. It has a cutting path of 21 inches, which is more than enough to get the job of mowing the lawn done fast.

3. It adds monetary value to your property

If you combine a lawn with a great landscaping pattern, you will increase the value of your estate by about 15%. All the money that you invest in growing and maintaining the lawn will be recovered when you sell your property. Therefore, don’t worry about the lawn being a bad investment, because you will get back what you spend on it, even more.

4. It has a cooling effect

During summer, you will feel the incredible cooling effect of your lawn. Compared to a paved area, a lawn is cooler with 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, grow a lawn and enjoy its cooling effect when summer comes. Lay a blanket on the ground and stay on it to tan while keeping cool. Also, you can have fun and refreshing picnics on it without feeling like you’re going to faint from the heat.

5. It provides with clean air

Grass takes the carbon dioxide and breaks it down into carbon and oxygen. A lawn that has the size of 50 feet by 50 feet will provide with enough clean air for a family of four members. Also, grass absorbs sulfur dioxide and other pollutants. It’s a natural way to provide truly clean air to breathe for you and your family.