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A guide for first-time cat owners – take your cat to the vet

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We should congratulate you because you’re now the happy parent of a cat. Cats are special pets, and yours will fill your life with love and joy. The bond between you and your pet can be the most rewarding thing in life if you teach and show them love. But such gifts are rarely given without responsibility.

Cats have the reputation for being independent and less needful than other pets, but they require the same amount of love as their canine counterparts. You need to take them for vaccinations, spay or neuter procedures, dental care and other treatments to the vet. You also have to create a proper diet for them to support their health state, and to spend time with them to entertain them.

Even if it sounds a little too daunting, there are people who can help you. During the first days of living with your cat you may be a little stressed out, but as you two get accustomed of living together, you’ll enjoy every moment.

The first thing you have to do when you bring your cat home is to take them for a vet check-up. Expect it to be challenging because even the calmest cat can overreact when you take them away from their home.

Get the paperwork

Before leaving the house make sure you assemble all their paperwork. If you adopted or purchased the cat the veterinær nittedal will want to check the documents. The paperwork is needed to check their health records, vaccination history and other details that may influence their care plan. If you find the cat on the street and decide to keep them, give a call to your local veterinarian and ask them what steps you must follow to register the cat with a vet.

Help your cat get accustomed with being handled

Before making an appointment with the local dyrlege nittedal spend some time handling the cat in similar ways, to how the vet will hold them. During their first visit there is a fair amount of handling because the vet must make sure they’re healthy. So, try to get your cat with being accustomed and picked up. Ask one of your friends to come over and check if the cat gets aggressive when someone they don’t know handles them.  

Acclimate your cat to the carrier

It’s stressful for a pet to be placed in a carrier, but you must do it when you take them to a rehabilitering hund. To ease the process, leave the carrier around the house, and put some food inside for the cat to examine it, and get inside it a few days before the visit. It will help them feel comfortable with staying in the carrier and even being picked up. Cats are naturally curious pets, so expect yours to check the carrier the moment you bring it in the room.     

During your first visit to the vet, expect them to perform a basic physical exam to determine the pet’s weight, joint flexibility, and state of health.