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Activities to do together with your child

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As children grow older, they tend to get further and further away from their parents and many people want to take advantage of the time when their children are still small and they are still willing to do a lot of things together. To this extent, here are just a few ideas of activities that you can do together with your child

Card making

This is a wonderful idea to spend more time with your kid and create something together. Card making is a great activity because it is very easy and you will have a lot of fun. Every time there is a birthday in the family you and your child could make a card together. There are so many wonderful supplies in dedicated stores that it is virtually impossible not to obtain something amazing, especially when working together. This type of activity helps children develop their imagination and their artistic sense, not to mention that you will form unforgettable memories together.

Christmas decoration making

Similar to making cards, making Christmas decorations is actually a tradition that many families have and if you have not done your own handmade decorations together with your children, it is high time you started! You will have an entire arsenal of sweets and other accessories to create everything that pops through your head. You can organize a friendly content between each other, at the end of which the winners receives to place the star at the top of the tree. Of course, one of the children should always be the winner, but the point is this will be something fun that the entire family will look forward to during Christmas.


When your children begin to grow and card making is not something that appeals to them anymore, you should organize weekly board game evenings, where the entire family has to sit at a table and play something together. There are so many amazing boardgames out there, so you will definitely be able to find something that appeals to everyone. Even though your children could be a bit reluctant at first, once they get the hang of it they will definitely look forward to the moments spent together and even come up with new boardgames that you can play together.


This is a healthy activity that you can do regardless of the age of your children. When they are smaller you can play in the back yard while when they grow, you can move the action to a basketball field and play one on one games. It’s definitely exciting and they will develop their team spirit.

These activities will do wonders for your family, as they will enable you to build a stronger relationship with your children and form unforgettable memories together. Whether you start by making cards and Christmas decorations or your children are already older and you need something else to attract them, as long as you commit yourself to doing something together on a regular basis, the results will surely start to come.