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Clever Organizing Tips for the Vanity Table

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The vanity table is the place where a woman spends her last minutes before she heads out of the house. At the vanity table, you do your hair, your make-up, basically you get ready for going out. Unfortunately, vanity tables can get very messy. A cluttered vanity table will set you back when it comes to your preparation time. Therefore, stop wasting valuable time and apply the organizing tips that you will find in the following lines to make it easier for you to get ready.

Place only a few items on the table

To move faster when you’re getting ready to go out of the house, you have to keep the vanity table clean. Therefore, don’t clutter it with all the beauty products and devices that you own, but rather store these items separately, in the drawers. Free up space on the table to make it easier for you to move and keep on it only items that you must have in your reach. What you should keep on the table are the brushes that you use to apply the make-up, the hair brush, and a perfume to have at your disposal in case you’re in a hurry. Also, you can add small decorative pieces to make the vanity table look better. For example, you can neatly stack 3-4 magazines that you like or place pictures with your loved ones on it.

Keep your styling tools in a single drawer

The blow dryer, the flat iron, and the sprays that you use on your hair should be kept in the same drawer. If you place your styling tools in the left or right top drawer, you have easy access to them. Also, you won’t ever misplace them again. This way, the next time you need to straighten your hair with the flat iron all you will have to do is to take a seat at the vanity table, open the drawer, and start styling your hair. This organizing tip will definitely save you a lot of time, therefore, make sure to store your styling tools like we advised you to. Furthermore, you can opt for a compact flat iron that will occupy less space in your drawer.

Categorize and divide your beauty products in separate drawers

To make it easier for you and to move faster when you have to get ready, sort and separate your beauty products in separate drawers. Place moisturizer creams and other creams that you use for your face and body in one of the top drawers. In the drawer beneath it place your lipsticks and nail polishes. On the other side, in the top drawer or in the first top drawer that isn’t already used place the eye shades and the other make-up that you use for your eyes. In the next drawer beneath it, you can place your perfumes.

Organize your jewelry in cases

Certain jewelry can easily get lost. Therefore, you should keep your jewelry organized neatly in cases for them to be safe. Also, you will ease your life if you place them this way due to the fact that you won’t waste time looking for a certain jewelry set anymore. Place jewelry sets that you usually wear when you have a special occasion in a case and the jewelry that you wear every day in another case. Place the cases on the vanity table to have easy access.