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Complain if you have an issue with your plumbing contractor

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Home remodeling projects are quite a hassle because you have to make sure that the results are satisfying and that the amenities that you want increase the value of your home. A home remodeling project requires major work that goes beyond your skills levels, it is a good idea to hire a professional contractor. A licensed professional has the essential tools to cope with the workload and get you the desired results. However, every now and then, construction projects turn into disasters as a result of the plumbing installation process. Either the work does not get finished or the installation was not handled professionally. No matter what problem you have, you should defend yourself. You will need to employ a plumbing expert witness for advice and consider the following piece of advice.

Try to come to an agreement  

A lawsuit is time-consuming and expensive, reason why you should try to get the problem fixed or at least recover some of your money back. You will need to find your contractor and explain to him your that the installation was unsuccessful. Even if he has passed on to another business, you should try to get in touch with him. Your plumbing contractor may have a resolution program for general disputes. Plumbers are required to do a good job and they do not, then they have broken the law. So, you are legally entitled to compensation. The catch is that you will have to be able to prove your claims, in this sense, you should gather any paperwork that you have and hire an expert plumbing witness to prepare a report. The opinion of the expert is not always necessary but if you cannot reach an agreement, you may end up defending your case in court where an expert opinion is treasured.

What happens next

If the trader refuses to solve your problem, you should hire a construction attorney who know the law by heart. In court, you can claim compensation, but pay attention to the fact that this can be costly. You can first try your luck at small claims court. They are not similar to civil court in the sense that you will not be expected to bring an attorney. What you can do to ensure you will be successful is to present your case to trial and win. If you have solid evidence you can prove that your consumer rights have been breached. Of you win, the plumbing contractor will have to pay attorney fees and costs.

What about the plumbing job?

In order to make sure that the hot and cold water system will not cause you any more problems, you should hire a plumbing engineer to redesign it. The professional will stop at nothing to make sure that the piping connection is appropriate. He is involved in every stage of the process and you have assurance that he will do a great job. The only issue is that the services of a plumbing engineer are not exactly cheap but keep in mind that you are making an investment for the future. If you get damages compensation, money will not be an issue.