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Décor ideas for a bohemian living room

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If you consider yourself a relaxed, carefree person with a passion for the unusual, then you should definitely consider a bohemian decor. From every corner, your home will exude life, culture, uniqueness and originality. However, in order to embrace this change, you have to eliminate modern sensibilities from your spectrum of interest. The bohemian style is very special, especially taking into account that not many people dare to decorate their home without applying any interior design rule, but it allows you to express your individuality in a different way. Even though you do not have to follow certain rules in order to achieve a bohemian style in your home, you do have to blend the colors, materials and furniture perfectly. Some believe that bohemian style is sloppy just because they are not able to see order in chaos. 

Must have elements in a bohemian living room

In order to achieve the much-wanted style, you have to become familiar with the basic elements, namely plants, handmade accessories, pillows and layers of textures. Greenery breathes life into your home. From delicate ivy and elegant ferns, you have the possibility to display various plants in creative planters and pots. You can even decorate them using green or red curling ribbon. If you enjoy using your hands productively and you have the abilities to create beautiful elements, do not hesitate to do it and decorate your house with them. From crocheted and carved to macramé and stitched handmade accessories, the possibilities are endless. All these creations belong inside your home exuding bohemian style. When it comes to pillow, you have to go for as many colors as possible. If you have a plain couch, you have the freedom to add stack of colorful pillows with different patterns. Vivid tones go perfectly with exciting textures and luxurious patterns.

Bohemian furniture for your home

In what regards the required furniture for such a special living room, you can purchase the needed pieces from any store selling antiques. Direct your attention towards vintage or second hand items. Bohemian style does not impose rules when it comes to sizes and shapes. You can feel free to place the furniture as you please as long as you maintain the good taste. Before buying a certain piece, you should inquire about its story that you can tell to your visitors. Victorian furniture is the most popular among bohemians so you might find many Victorian pieces in stores.