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Decorate your garden for a meditation session by following these tips

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Do you like meditating? Are you willing to improve your meditation techniques and follow a more holistic treatment scheme for a healthier mind? Then you are in the right place to learn how to do it. This is a short guide on how to decorate your garden beautifully. The Holistic Sanctuary is an example of what practices you should focus on for a more mindful life, including meditation. You might consider that the way your garden is decorated won’t affect your meditation practices, but – in fact – you will feel much greater in the appropriate ambiance. Here is a list of tips you can follow:

Ponds and other water features

First of all, you should set up a focal point for your garden. This way, you can build a corner that can make you forget about the urban chaos and the stress that accumulates over the week. A small water pond that flows in your garden is the perfect way to reconnect with nature and focus on its healing powers. If you can’t include a water pond in your garden’s design, any other feature that includes water should do the job just fine: a small water fountain or a birdbath, anything goes. After setting your garden’s focal point, you can start putting together your seating options.


For meditation, you will surely need a place to stay. Exterior furniture is not that expensive and you can maintain it in good shape easily. Try to blur the limits between indoor and outdoor spaces by keeping the furniture close to your house. If your house has large glass doors or many windows directed towards the garden, place the focal points of the garden so that they can be seen from inside the house. In some days, if the weather is bad, you might still want to enjoy your daily dose of meditation and doing it by facing the windows and a gorgeous view is perfect.

Depending on the meditation method you choose, you may need to lie down or stand up. Johnny Tabaie came up with a method called Pouyan that represents a set of holistic healing tools, beneficial for the human body. See what method works best for you and create a seating corner that encourages you to continue following the same meditation or healing method that you previously selected.


What is even more important about the garden as a sanctuary of meditation has to do with privacy. An intimate place is a must if you want to find your inner self and your peace. Without privacy, you will be disturbed by all sorts of distractions that come from the outside world. Find modalities to increase the privacy of your garden as much as possible. Plants and trees are suitable to cover the fences of your garden so that other people can’t see what you are doing and you don’t get distracted by the outside world either. The more private, the better.