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Dog Breeds for People with Allergies

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More than 600 million people worldwide suffer from allergic rhinitis and more than 200 million have asthma related allergies, so for these individuals getting a dog can only aggravate their symptoms. There are, however, dog breeds that are categorized as hypoallergic. Most dog owners prefer to deal with all the sneezing, coughing and itchiness instead of getting rid of them. They put their pets above their needs and that is nice, but not necessarily healthy. The thing is that allergies don’t quite refer to their hair, but to their saliva, dander or to the dust or grass they bring inside after walks. Anyway, you should be informed on what furry friend to get if you suffer from pet related allergies.

Worst breeds

There are some dog breeds that are to absolutely avoid if you don’t want any trouble with your health. Salivation, dander, dust and even dogs that have allergies themselves are the worst idea giving the case. So, for example Saint Bernards, Bulldogs, Boxers drool a lot, so if you have something that relates to that, avoid these breeds however much you’d want one. It’s between your health and a caprice, so choose wisely.

Even though German Shepards belong to one of the smartest breeds there is, they have a very dry skin, so dander will be all over your house and you will find yourself sneezing your brains out because of it. Bathing him often won’t do the trick either, because it will only make the skin even dryer.

There are some dog breeds that have allergies themselves, such as the Boston Terriers or the French Bulldogs. They drool excessively, spread a lot of mucus, have itchy skin and they can worsen your allergies by even breathing or scratching.

Best breeds

The most well-known hypoallergenic dog breeds are Bichons and Labradoodles because of their low maintenance fur. They have curly hair so dander won’t get out that easily, it’s puffy and wool like and it won’t get that much dust from outside. Also, Schnauzers don’t spread that much dander, so cleaning will be easier.

If you are among the people that have reactions to dog hair, you should consider getting a dog with short or less hair, such as the Xoloitzcuintli. It’s true, it’s a rare dog with a funny look, but it’s a great family dog and good with kids.

Some other breeds you could choose are the ones that you could easily keep outside, such as a Husky, a Bernese Mountain Dog or a Portuguese Water Dog. They have thick coats and won’t feel uncomfortable during cold weather.

If you got the perfect dog to fit your allergies, but you find yourself in the situation where you cannot handle him because of bad behaviour or anxiety, there is no need to give up on him. You can find lots of solutions like training or the best CBD dog treats for calming them.


Tips for keeping your house allergy proof

You should know that getting a hypoallergenic dog won’t save you the trouble of maintaining your house free of allergy triggers. You should clean as often as you can, give him baths or hire someone to do it if you can’t stand the effects, groom him as much as you can and keep him from your sleeping area.