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Early childhood education - should you consider preschool for your kid?

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Taking your child to preschool is certainly a difficult moment, being probably your first time apart from them. However, even if a preschool program is not mandatory, it can be beneficial from several points of view. The early childhood education programs offered by a full-time or part-time nursery Hendon can be more beneficial than you would have thought. Here is what a preschool can do for your child:

Preparing children for kindergarten and school

Kindergarten is a more academic experience for a child than preschool is. If they are not used to a similar environment before beginning kindergarten, your kid can have difficulties coping with the program. Just as kindergarten prepares kids for school, preschool can prepare them for kindergarten. Play time is combined with educational activities, such as pre-literacy development or pre-math. The future success of your child in school can be influenced in a positive way by these types of programs.

Emotional and social development

It is essential for a kid to be surrounded by other children from an early age. Even if you might not realize it, the social development of a child begins early, and if they are used to be permanently surrounded by their parents, it will be more difficult for them to spend time away from them later on. A preschool allows kids to build relationships with both children and adults outside the family, aspect that will be beneficial for their social and emotional development in the long run.

Promoting cognitive skills and language

Between the age of 2 and 5, children learn even up to 3,000 new words. During this period they are very receptive to outside conversations. Preschool programs give children the opportunity of developing their vocabulary in an environment that is rich in language. Moreover, they will also partake in various hands-on activities, which will promote the strengthening of their cognitive skills. These aspects are extremely important in the development of your kid, and this is why early childhood education is so important.  

Even if you might think that the age of two is perhaps not enough for your kid to go to preschool, considering the early childhood development benefits this experience has to offer, perhaps you should give it more of your consideration. Moreover, you will easily find a day nursery with either a part time or full time program just by searching online. So think more about this possibility and give it a try.