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Easy DIY ribbon décor elements for Christmas

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DIY ribbon décor elements are not only amazing, but they are also incredibly affordable. And luckily, pulling off an amazing ribbon décor for Christmas can be easily managed by everybody. Simply surf the enormous number of dedicated Pinterest boards, find ideas, purchase the necessary supplies, and get to work. Start by searching and purchasing your favourite ribbons for Christmas, in the design that you prefer, and start crafting your own Christmas décor elements.

1. Pinecone and ribbon Christmas tree decorations

If you want a seasonal décor element in the true meaning of the word, you can create yourself some Christmas tree decorations with the help of a ribbon in a beige colour and some pinecones. Simply tie bows from your ribbon, and attach them at the top of your pinecones by using a hot glue gun. Also, make sure to attach a small looped rope, so you can easily attach those to your Christmas tree.

2. Create your own Christmas socks

If you don’t want to purchase the kind of socks that everybody in the world will buy for the Christmas, you could create your own by using a simple roll of red ribbon, an extra-large sock and a hot glue gun. Simply glue your ribbon in a spiralling motion on your sock and then attach it to our chimney. This may be one of the simplest DIY projects you could invest your time and resources in for the Christmas time.

3. Decorative pillows

If you can’t wait to open up your presents, then you may be able to create some decorative present pillows. Once again, by using a pillow in a solid, festive colour, but also some pieces of ribbon, you could attach the ribbon using the same technique you would use to wrap a present. Fluff your pillow a little and you will be good to go with your Christmas décor elements. It may be the most affordable project proposed up until now, so consider it as an option.

These are three décor ideas one could easily put into practice for this Christmas. Make sure to pick your supplies from reliable manufacturers, since the quality of the final décor elements will depend entirely on the quality of the supplies used. Also, get creative and use some Pinterest boards to find your inspiration. There are plenty of pretty ideas that you could apply with ease.