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Effective Home Solutions for Disabled Residents

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There are many changes you can make in order to feel safe at home. Home safety is more important for people with disabilities, so make sure to use some effective solutions to help avoid falls and other accidents. There are many ways to feel safe at home and have a piece of mind and today we will show which are the most useful solutions, so keep reading.

Install a stair lift to make your stairs safe

In order to prevent accidents on stairs, make sure to take some safety measures, such as installing handrails on both sides of the stairs so that it’s easier to climb the stairs. Moreover, remove any obstacles such as books, clothes or shoes from the stairs to avoid tripping over obstacles and falling. In addition to that, consider installing a stair lift to increase the level of safety in your house. Moreover, a stair lift can provide disabled users with a sens of mobility and autonomy. You can install a stair lift both indoors and outdoors but if you are planning to choose an outdoor stair lift make sure that it come with a weatherproof cover.

Make some changes to your bathroom

People with disabilities or mobility impairments find it difficult to transfer from a wheelchair to a bathtub or use a shower, the toilet etc. That’s why it’s crucial to make some changes to your bathroom, such as adding a shower seat and a hand-held shower head for more convenience. Furthermore, add a grab bar inside and outside your shower for more stability and don’t forget to place non-skid mats or carpets on surfaces that may get wet.

Provide easy entry to your home

For a disabled owner that uses a wheelchair on a daily basis, simple tasks like entering the house can soon become a burden. Make sure to install inside and outside ramps, but as with stairways ramps should have handrails. Speaking of wheelchairs or other means of transportation, a mobility scooter is a more effective solution for disabled owners. With a mobility scooter you can reach long distances while feeling comfortable and having a peace of mind, knowing that you are safe. If you are interested in buying a mobility scooter read some Gilbert Marshall reviews. The reviews written by that guy are very easy to understand and they will help you compare different scooters.

When reading the latest Gilbert Marshall reviews, keep in mind to focus on the safety features. Mobility scooters or power scooter as some people call them, include safety features such as seat belts or a speed limiter.