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Electric bug zapper - the insects’ biggest enemy

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Allergies are one of the most annoying things, due to the fact that they can influence people’s mood in a bad way. And due to the fact that the majority of allergies are produced by insects such as bugs or flies, people should definitely think of investing in an electric bug zapper.

What you should know about an electric bug zapper:

An electric bug zapper can prove a high necessity for both your house and garden. But before buying one you should bear in mind a few important things:

There are two different types of bug zappers: some of them can be used outside (you can put them in the garden or in the back yard), whereas, the other category can be used for the interior. Also, when it comes to an electric bug zapper very important is its coverage area. For example, some of them are able to cover more than 6,000 square feet. But you should not be tempted to think that you have to invest in a device which is able to cover the widest area. Maybe you do not need that much!

Moreover, do not believe that an electric bug zapper is able to kill only bugs. There are other categories of insects which can be attracted by such product. Some good examples in this case are flies, mosquitos or ants. But there is also the possibility to discover that your device can kill even lady bugs and butterflies. According to experts, you should choose those types of electric zappers which come with compact dimensions in order to help you save some space inside your garden. On the other hand, an electric bug zapper which has big dimensions can be also difficult to transport.

Avoid these mistakes when it comes to electric bug zappers:

  • Do not believe that electric bug zappers can kill other creatures such as mice, because this is not true
  • Do not forget to read the indications! There are some zappers which should be kept at a certain distance from your house, in order to not affect people’s life. This means that you have to be careful when it comes to put it close to doors and windows.
  • If you have children, do not allow them to play around the electric bug zapper. Maybe, a good idea is to put it in a place where they do not have access.
  • Do not expect that its effect will last forever. There are various types of devices. Some of them can eliminate insects only for a couple of days. Then the effect will pass and insects can appear again. Also, be careful because there are insects which are not killed by bug zappers. They are just made to become dizzy and sometimes even aggressive.

Places where it is highly indicated to put an electric bug zapper:

  • Close to your lake house
  • In the area where there are a lot of insects
  • In the place that you have chosen for camping
  • In your garden where you want to protect your plants by insects