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Factors to consider when calculating your home’s reconstruction costs

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If your home was recently exposed to water damage or fire damage, then hiring a professional restoration service company is more than necessary. However, to be certain that you are not being overcharged for the services received, you can calculate the costs on your own, and thus find out home much money you will need to spend on this project. Although, your calculations will not be the exact ones, it will be useful to know the approximated costs. When it comes to home construction Calgary, you will need to think about a few aspects. Here are the main factors to consider when calculating the costs:

Site accessibility

This is the first thing you will need to think about. If your home is placed in a location that is not easily accessed, then the company you hire might charge you a bit more. How difficult is it to access and build in that particular location? Depending on the site accessibility, special equipment and additional reinforcement might be required, which will increase the overall construction costs. Perhaps your neighborhood has certain work hour or parking restrictions, details that might cause some inconveniences for the workers. Think about all these details to understand why you might need to pay a larger price than initially planned.

Age of the house

The age of your house is the next aspect to take into consideration. Older home might require a bit more work, having unique features that may be difficult to replace. Also, the contractors might not be familiar with this type of building, so discuss with the company beforehand, to see if they can manage to deliver the results you expect.


Despite common belief, rebuilding a house takes much longer than constructing a new building from scratch. The longer the project will take to finish the larger the costs will be. However, some companies will be able to offer you upfront pricing, and tell you right from the start how much money you will need to pay.

Cleanup costs

Prior to starting the actual rebuilding process, a significant amount of cleaning will be required, especially if the fire or water damage were critical. Take the cleanup costs into consideration as well, when you are calculating the overall price. You can discuss with the contractors you have hired about this particular detail.

As you can see, you will need to think about a few things, when you are calculating the overall costs of your home’s reconstruction. However, it is recommended to discuss with the reconstruction company about this particular detail. Start looking online to see what options you have, and choose the right company for the job. You will need to consider that more qualitative services offered by experienced contractors will also be more expensive, but the investment will be worth it in the long run. Choose to hire a company with a good reputation, enough years of experienced and good customer services, and the results delivered will certainly meet your expectations.