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Furnishing styles you want to know about

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One thing that you definitely not pay enough attention to is the furnishing style of your house. Most people tend to go with the flow and combine both classic and modern pieces of furniture, resulting in a set up that looks alright but in reality it isn’t. For a proper look for your house what you have to do is understand what the existent furniture styles are and how can you recognize furniture items that suit the respective style. This can be done while following these characteristics:

Classic contemporary

What to look after:

  • Round furniture lines
  • Soft curves
  • Soft textures

This is one of the styles that most of the homes adopt. With basic furniture and a comfortable placement of it, the classic contemporary style is recommended when you want to achieve a familiar look. You can find such furniture items at


What to look after:

  • Straight lines
  • Sharp corners
  • Wide curves
  • Spherical shapes
  • Solid colours
  • Empty walls
  • Sleek appeal
  • High contrast
  • Metals and solid surfaces

Contemporary style has very specific characteristics that you can recognize from the very first moment you enter a room. The geometrically-shaped decorations along with the straight line furniture will make you think about this style in a minute.


What to look after:

  • Distressed wood
  • Antiques
  • Raw wood
  • Soft colours
  • Small prints

A look that not everyone is into, country combines materials like wood with warm colours and prints. This is a style that will instantly make you think of an older home with that ambiance everyone is seeking. Country style always brings a certain touch of magic to houses.


What to look after:

  • Vintage pieces
  • Bright colours
  • Pieces from different styles
  • Contemporary offbeat items
  • Mixed motifs
  • Accessories

The eclectic style is what everyone might have at home. Why – because it combines a little bit from each and every other available style, making it the most various and flexible one. You can find here vintage pieces along with contemporary offbeat items which will give your house an unique effect no one else will be able to achieve.   


What to look after:

  • Chrome
  • Black leather
  • Glass
  • Ultra-suede
  • Simplified shapes
  • Natural finished
  • Functionality
  • Ergonomic

The modern style can be achieved if you have a little bit of knowledge in the interior design field. The use of expensive leather and glass will confer your house the luxurious look. Both efficient and simple, the modern style will offer you exactly the living space you want to spend your time into.


What to look after:

  • Raw materials
  • Wood
  • Distressed metal and leather
  • Stone
  • Wool
  • Fireplaces
  • Cosy seating

The rustic style is searched for especially in cold and mountain areas. It is mostly used with cabins, its focal points being wood, wool or fireplaces.  


What to look after:

  • Rich colours
  • Plush fabrics
  • Curved lines
  • Intricate details
  • Dark woods
  • Tapered legs
  • Lustrous accent materials
  • Decorative trims

This is a very specific style and you can recognize it by the curved lines and simplicity. Traditional furniture is more expensive and harder to find than the actual modern one.