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Get ready for your first year as a truck driver

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Drivers with several years of experience in the truck driving industry agree to the fact that the first year is the toughest one in a trucker’s career. Nothing from what you learn in the truck driver training school prepares you for this part of your experience. Once you have passed the CDL exam, it is time you start looking for some HGV driver jobs Oxford. Here are some tips that are supposed to help you get ready for your first year on the road.

Keep in touch with your family

You are going to be away from home for a long time and there may be moments when you just want to leave everything and go back home to your wife and kids. It is during those moments that you have to stay tough and confident in yourself. Homesickness is normal and one of the best ways you can fight it is to have a smartphone or a tablet with you and very good Internet connection, so that you can keep in touch with your family.

Understand the life of a truck driver

Just like in any other industries, truck driving is a career choice, but what makes it so different from others is that you have to tailor your lifestyle completely around it. You have to get used to the idea of being away from home for several weeks in a row and to be living on the road most of the time. Create your own corner in your truck cabin where you can sleep at night or relax for a short time during the day. Bring some photos of your family with you and hang them in the back cabin to feel closer to them. As difficult as this may seem, you will definitely get used to it very quickly.

Work your way up

If you work in a trucking company, the first year is critical for your career, because you have to work your way up and proving that you are worthy. You may be assigned to drive to remote locations and have deliveries or pickups with various undesirable schedules. Most trucking companies allow their employees who have been working for more than one year to receive first choice when it comes to driving assignments, whereas the newbies have to prove their skills and reliability during the first year.

All in all, these useful tips are definitely going to help you, as a beginner truck driver get ready for the first year in this industry and build a successful career in truck driving.