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Halloween tips:  prepare your house for the trick-and-treaters 

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If other holidays at other times of the year are about spending time with your family and relaxing such as Christmas, Halloween is all about having fun and collecting as many candies as possible.  The spooky costumes and masks, the pumpkins and the thrilling decorations are making all your neighborhood look like a movie scene from the creepiest horror movies from all times that bring shivers down your spine. The fun and excitement that you can feel for being able to wear whatever costume you would like to, without anyone looking weird at you on the street, is surely something that you should not miss on the Halloween night. Even if it is a holiday that most kids and teens enjoy, adults can also have a lot of fun together with them and should show some help and support with creating the appropriate environment for kids to laugh at funny costumes, scream at spooky decorations, and collect more candies that they can actually eat in one night.  

Buy tons of candies

All the fuss among the kids about having the scariest costume in their surroundings has as a final goal collecting as many candies as possible. Your doorbell is going to be used considerably on the Halloween night by the trick-and-treaters asking candies.  Seeing the disappointment on a kid’s face when he or she is told that there are no more candies to give them is going to be a heartbreaking scene. Which is why you should be prepared.

Decorate your house

Kids love to get scared on the Halloween night by the creepiest decorations when they are going from house to house knocking on doors. If you want to be part of the spooky atmosphere of the Halloween night and show the kids that you support their fun and they are welcomed to come at your door, you need to decorate your house accordingly. Curved pumpkins with candles inside, spider webs, skeletons, and ghosts are the must-have decorations for any house to be ready for welcoming the trick-and-treaters. After the holiday is over you can just search on the internet for “storage units near me“ and keep the decorations safe until next year.

Make some space in your yard

Since there is going to be a lot of fuss outside on the street, kids going around the whole neighborhood from door to door, it is a smart idea to make some space if your yard. You need to think about the safety of the kids that are going to come to your house to ask for candies because the trick-and-treaters will start to come in the night and the darkness might cause some visibility problems and they can stumble into all your things from the yard and hurt themselves and damage your personal belongings as well. Also, you can light their way to your door by placing candles on the sidewalk.

Wear a spooky costume

Join the Halloween atmosphere and choose to wear a costume instead of the comfortable pajamas for one night.  Halloween is not fun without making the kids scream when they see the spooky costume you are wearing when you open the door to welcome them and give them candies.