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Hallway Decorating Ideas

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Usually, the hallway gets neglected when people redecorate. It’s a huge mistake to forget about the hallway because it’s the part of the house where you greet your guests. Also, it’s the first area of your home that you see when you enter the door. Therefore, you have to make the hallway as pleasant and welcoming as possible to have a truly beautiful home. If you want to change the appearance of your hallway, read the following lines to get some great decorating ideas.

Hang a mirror on the wall

A mirror on the wall of the hallway is a great decorative addition that you can go with. It will make the space seem bigger and brighter. In addition, you can make one last check on your appearance before you head out by looking in the mirror. If you go with a more modern design for the hallway, you can buy a mirror that has lights on the frame. On the other hand, if you choose a classic or vintage design for the hallway, go with a large, vintage style mirror.

Display beautiful flowers

You should put flowers in vases on a table that you place on the hallway or plant flowers and plants in containers and fill the hallway with them. These additions will give the space life. Also, flowers are without a doubt the most beautiful decorative pieces to go with. If you want to create a playful appearance for the hallway, fill it with different colored flowers of different species.

Soothing or bright colors

To make the hallway inviting and pleasant, you have to go with soothing or bright colors for the walls and the floor. If you want for the hallway to give off a peaceful vibe, go with soothing colors like cream or beige. On the other hand, if you want to have a welcoming but playful hallway, you can go with colors like white, green, red or aqua blue. All you have to do is to avoid dark tones of colors to not make the hallway an unpleasant area. It needs as much light as it can get.

Hang pictures of your family

A very welcoming and pleasant addition for the hallway is to hang pictures of you and your family on the walls. Every time you enter or leave your home you will be charged with positive thoughts due to the fact that you will be surrounded with images of your loved ones. Pictures of loved ones are intimate decorative pieces that will give personality to the space. Also, you won’t spend as much money on them as you would if you were to buy paintings to fill the walls with.