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Health benefits of spaying or neutering your cat

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Both you and your four legged companion will enjoy multiple benefits if you choose to neuter her. When you adopt a cat one of the biggest decisions you have to make is if you neuter her. You should understand that this decision is not only to her health, but also to the other cats’ welfare. The main factor that leads to pet overpopulation is the fact that people do not neuter their animals. Because people are not able to be responsible for their animals, healthy animals are put to death. In case you do not know what neutering means, it is the process by which your cat becomes sterile. If you have a male, then the process is named neutering, if you have a female then the process if called spaying.

Neutering prevents multiple diseases

If you have a female cat then it is advisable to spay her before she gets into her first oestrous cycle, because in this way you prevent her from experiencing issues as ovarian cancer or cervical cancer. When a cat has her ovaries removed the levels of hormones that lead to cancerous tumours are reduced. This means that she has fewer chances to develop mammary cancer. Many people do not know that some diseases are transmitted to cats due to their natural behaviour to mate.  Two examples are AIDS and feline leukaemia. They are transmitted through bites. If your cat does not feel the need to fight for her territory then there are small chances her to suffer from these incurable diseases.

There is a reduced risk of roaming

If you have a female cat then you should know that when she goes into heat her instincts and hormones urge her to find a mate. In case she is the only cat inside your house, then she will try to get out the house to find another cat. Also, your doctor from the dyreklinikk nittedal may tell you that males will behave the same. If your cat is outdoors then she is exposed to risks, and she can be injured when she tries to cross the road. Neutering will reduce her need for wanderlust, and she will be happy with her home

When should you neuter your cat?

The veterinær nittedal is the one who will decide when the optimal age for the cat to be neutered is. The majority of vets decide to neuter a cat when she reaches sexual maturity.

What should you expect from the process?

When you decide to neuter your cat you will have to take her to the vet and the doctor will do the procedure under general anaesthesia. You will find from the vet what instructions you have to respect before and after the procedure. The majority of them recommend to not offer her water and food the night before the surgery. If you have a male, then you can take him home after the surgery, but if you have a female it may be need her to stay overnight for observation.