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Help your dog prepare for staying in a pet hotel

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The best way to relax and get rid of stress is to get off in a vacation. But if you are a dog owner you may be worried that while you are away from home, your dog will feel depressed. Your dog also deserves a vacation, he has been a good boy all this time and you should offer him something better than locking him in the house. You may ask your friends and family to come by and visit him, but he will still feel depressed if he stays home alone. Taking your dog to a pet hotel is a great way to make sure that he is well cared and he will have someone to play with while you are away. Here are some pieces of advice on how to prepare your dog for this experience.

Have a pet hotel trial

If you know that your good boy is prone to separation anxiety or nervous when in a new place, you should consider the idea of taking him in a trial boarding stay. A hotel stay of around 24 hours will help him get used with the new environment and he will consider it part of his routine. Ask the experts from the kennel if you can bring your dog for a trial stay.

Adjust his sleeping habits

If your dog sleeps with you in the bed daily, he will probably be upset when he will have to sleep alone at the hotel. You should help him adjust his sleeping habits before you leave home. Start taking him out of the bedroom a month prior to your vacation. If he will cry when he sleeps in the living room, he will probably cry at the hundepensjonat.

Help him feel comfortable

Regardless of the conditions the pet hotel offers, your dog will definitely not feel as comfortable as home. But you can help him get used easier with his new place if you bring him his favourite rug to sleep on, or if you bring him his teddy bear. He will feel more secure at the kennel gardermoen. Ask in advance if the pet hotel allows you to bring your dog’s bed.

Bring the dog to the hotel in the morning

The best way to help him adjust to his new place is to bring him in the morning. He will have the entire day to check the surroundings and to adjust to them, before going to sleep.

Have a vet check

It’s important your dog to have a vet check to make sure that he has no worms or fleas. Most of the pet hotels ask pet owners to have their pets de-parasitized before dropping them to the centre.  You should also ask the veterinarian if the good boy needs some special vaccinations or treatment prior to his boarding. All these precautions will ensure that your doggo is safe and healthy, and they will bring you peace of mind when in vacation.