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Helping your kid cope with college stress

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Transitioning from high school to college is never easy. The differences in terms of study requirements can get overwhelming for a freshman, and when you notice your kid being stressed out, you might want to support them in developing the right coping mechanisms. Although you aren’t able to take responsibilities off their shoulders, pointing them in the right direction and advising them wisely is possible. If you aren’t exactly sure what needs to be done here, perhaps you will find helpful the following suggestions:

Sleeping schedule

An unrested student will never be able to perform great in college, and unhealthy sleeping habits can easily be developed at that age. Although you might not be able to supervise them constantly, you could remind them from time to time how important it is to get enough sleep and feel rested. Quite a lot of students tend to lose sleep, and this shows in their exam performance. It there is anything you can do to change that, do your best.

Study materials

One of the factors that trigger stress in college students is not developing the right study habits. If they are trying to get the information they need for exams out of books solely or by simply attending classes and lectures, things can get quite complicated. You should help them understand that taking notes is critical in college, and if they lack the necessary skills in the note-taking department, you should know that there are educational platforms available that have a wide variety of high quality notes. When they are searching for information on their mcb 245 lectures, suggest them to visit an education site that provides study materials.


Nutrition is also critical for studying, and when your child is not eating right and is making unhealthy choices, their study abilities can be affected, and their stress levels will automatically increase. Although it might not be possible for you to cook all their meals, what you can however do is create an adequate meal plan for your kid. Eating better will be easier when they know exactly what dishes to opt for and what they shouldn’t be consuming.

Provide an appropriate study environment for them

If your kid still lives at home, you need to make sure they have an optimal setting for their studying. When an important exam is coming up, getting distracted can easily happen, so help them find a quiet spot, free of distractions that will facilitate better learning. Even if your child is off to college in a different city, they should still have an appropriate study environment when they are visiting you. 

While your kid will need to handle their responsibilities on their own, you can do a few things to ease their college experience and help them deal with the stress involved better. Considering that their health might be affected when stress levels increase, and their exam performance as well, getting involved and providing them with some guidance can matter more than you think. Look into the tips mentioned here, and use them appropriately – the results might actually be visible ones.