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Hire telehandlers – make an informed decision

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Using a telescopic handler is no something easy to do. These machines have been created for a specialised purpose, which is why it takes a well-trained professional to operate them. Also known under the name of ‘telehandler’, the vehicle is quite similar to a fork lift, which is why the two are often mistaken. Actually, the resemblance is obvious mostly in terms of appearance, given the fact that technically, the machines are designed differently, have various functions and are used for distinct activities. Experts say that telehandlers are more performing, due to their increased versatility and power, and this is an important thing you must know before you decide to hire telehandlers.


How does a telescopic handler work?

The vehicle has been designed with an integrated crane, due to which it is way more flexible, powerful and versatile than a traditional fork lift. The telescopic boom is obviously extensible, which enables the operator to reach loads situated forwards and upwards the machine. In order to make the vehicle even more adaptable, at the end of the boom the user can fit many types of attachments: buckets, pallet forks, winches or muck grabs.

What are telehandlers used for?

Taking into consideration that they are powerful machines, telescopic handlers are generally used for a wide array of industrial and agricultural activities. Since unlike forklifts, which are normally used indoors, telehandlers are made for rough terrains, you are likely to see at least one on construction sites, agricultural fields, harbours or warehouses with great loads. Given their extensible boom, these vehicles can also have access to high places, such as trailers or upper storeys of buildings. The most common application of telescopic handlers is in agriculture and constructions, where they are used to move loads from one place to another. Robust and flexible, these machines ensure safe, time efficient and precise operations. As you can see, a telehandler is really a universal piece of equipment, whose features you can use in multiple situations.


Which are the main benefits of telescopic handlers?

The most relevant benefit for using a telescopic handler is that it has a grand boom that can extend and reach considerable dimensions. Of course, this can also be considered a drawback, so make sure you analyse the situation before renting a telehandler. It also has a great capacity, with make it ideal for heavy loads, but keep in mind it takes an experienced operator to make it work at its full potential and prevent accidents.