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Home improvement ideas for a profitable holiday property

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With a continuously growing tourism in Cape Verde, maybe it is time for families to consider a new way of improving their monthly income. A vacation hose for rental in an exotic location seems to be the perfect way of doing so, and Cape Verde property investments are highly profitable. When it comes to acquiring a property in an exotic location and making it proper for rent, a great way of assuring your success on the local touristic market is decorating it in a highly effective manner. This will increase the touristic demand of your property, which, luckily, will bring you a favourable profit. Below you can find a list of the best home upgrades you can do for your property.

1. A bathroom makeover

Make your guests want to come back again by enriching the luxury in the bathrooms your vacation house has. Bathrooms and kitchens say a lot about the owner’s care for details and high comfort levels are the dealmakers in real estate. The same rule applies to rental houses for vacation purposes. Small details like faucets and showerheads, small décor touch-ups are the determinant factors of how requested your property will be on the local touristic market. Remember, tourists aim for something they cannot have in their homes, and providing them with that little extra detail will impress for sure.

2. Kitchen, another dealmaker or breaker

Providing added value to your property, the kitchen is another room you should pay great attention to. Make it look grandiose; make it look stunning and luxurious. Once again, great care with those small details, as well as recent high-tech appliances, since they seem to work wonders for increased marketability of a house. Of course, you might need to invest a little in this particular area of your vacation home, but in the end, you will thank yourself for doing so. A high tech coffee machine, a smart refrigerator or other appliances like these will surely make a great difference.

3. Make the house entrance look luxurious

Whether there is a porch or simply a small flower garden, make sure it gives potential clients a small idea of what to expect from the house’s interior. A professional landscaper might come in your help for this purpose, giving your vacation house an appealing front garden.

Bear in mind those suggestions when deciding to make out of a vacation property a steady source of income and your success is guaranteed.