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How can a summer camp influence your child's development?

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If you think about your childhood or teenage period which is the most beautiful memory which comes to your mind? Is it something from your camping days? Well, if it is, you should definitely think about sending your child in a camp too. And if you have a body, you should know that in Canada there are some special camps which are organised for them. According to specialists, sending your boy in a camp can come with a lot of advantages for you. Take a look of some of them.


He will become more responsible.


If you feel like your boy is too neglectful when it comes to some important things like the why he spends his pocket money, you should definitely think about sending him in a summer camp. But choose something which comes with long tradition and where the organizers are famous for being some responsible persons. If you do not know any, you should look for all boys summer camp.

He will make friends.

If your boy is too shy and you see that he is not able to socialise with other persons, you should send him in a summer camp. Usually, in famous camps which are organised in Canada, there are persons who come from all places of the world. It would be impossible for him not to find someone who fits his personality. Also this would be a good way of becoming a more confident person.

He will be more eco-friendly.


If you choose a camp where people deal with this kind of stuff, your child would start taking care of nature. This can be considered a great benefit for your family, due to the fact that it would determine him to stop wasting important resources such as water. For example, studies have shown that people have the tendency to waste water, while they are cleaning their teeth, just because they forget to close it.

Types of activities which are usually done in a summer camp


It is true that each summer camp can have its particular theme, but there are some activities which are common when it comes to the majority of them. And here there is a list of them:


  • Camp fire. Children love gathering around the camp fire. They sing songs or tell stories. This can be considered an activity which has the purpose to develop their creativity and imagination.
  • Climbing the mountains. If the camp is located in a place which is close to the mountains, this is one of the most common activities. But you should make sure that he takes the right equipment, in order not to hurt himself during the expedition.
  • Exploring the nature. The purpose of a camp is staying away from the urban jungle. This is also a good way of breathing some fresh air and learning some good skills. Maybe, someday your boy will decide to go camping on his own and he should know how to find his way into the woods.
  • Other sport activities such as football, handball, volleyball or even chess. It is said that chess can be considered the sport which has a great benefit for mind.