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How to organise the best backyard wedding reception

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A backyard wedding reception might be the most affordable alternative young couples have for their big day. It helps them save plenty of money, it’s relaxed and for a limited number of guests, just perfect. However, many think that organising a reception in their backyards might be a little too complicated to manage. This is far from reality, the necessities in which the couple should invest being minimal. For instance, create your décor elements with wedding ribbons UK manufactured and other bits and pieces found around your home. However, keep reading below for more tips and tricks.

1. Prepare the landscape

Your surroundings are your best ally in this case. Make sure that you prepare your garden a little before the big event, so it works in your advantage. Use the services of a professional landscaper, if needed. If you want to manage this step alone, make sure you remove all dried flowers, that you water the living ones properly and that you cut your grass freshly.

2. Incorporate ribbons in your décor

Even though you might be going for an earthy theme for your design, make sure you incorporate some ribbons in the décor as well. Go for light pink, beige and white pieces of ribbons, attach them in your surroundings, or create garlands from them. Integrate these elements in your table centrepieces as well. For instance, in your table flowers, tie bows from beige ribbons, or tie the cutlery together with them as well. You could create a ribbon photo backdrop from them, of even an enormous chandelier. Search for instructions online if something appeals to you. You will find step-by-step guides for each idea we mentioned. 

3. Light up your scenery

A great advantage of organizing a backyard wedding reception is that you can integrate whatever elements please you in your décor. Some simple elements we find great for such events are light installations, the small ones you can find in dollar stores. Invest in multiple light installations and place them at your preference. An idea that we find appealing is integrating them in the trees or bushes present in your backyard for an amazing night time effect.

These are three of the most affordable backyard reception décor. Make sure you invest in several tents as well. They will come in handy if the weather decides to surprise you with some showers.