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Industrial Loft Ideas

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If you are looking for ways to decorate your apartment in an original and creative way, you can draw inspiration from the industrial style. This style has become more popular in recent years and it has become the favorite choice of many homeowners who are living in a loft. If you too, are a fan of this design but you don’t know how to decorate your loft so that it resembles the industrial interior design, feel free to draw inspiration from these next ideas and tips.

Create a cozy kitchen

The key to creating an industrial kitchen is to combine modern looking appliances with retro appliances or furniture. Your kitchen will simply look glamorous while being highly functional. You can find a variety of retro decorations and appliance online. As for the furniture, you can use old pieces of furniture and leave them as they are or try to refurbish so that they go well with the rest of your kitchen decor. Consider installing ceiling beams, preferable made of wood if you want to make your kitchen look more industrial.

Industrial bedroom

Loft bedrooms are not very spacious because the loft apartment itself is very narrow and small, as compared to a regular apartment. However, by using some proper remodeling techniques, you can create an amazing bedroom that has an industrial feel. Try to focus on having a main focal point, such as the bed and keep the rest of the decor minimal and rough. Leave one of the brick or concrete walls unfinished, without painting it or covering it with large paintings. You can add a large painting over the bed and some functional pieces of furniture, such as a cozy chair and 1 or 2 nightstands.

Add color to your living room

When designing an industrial living room design, use furniture and decoration items made of metal and wood. Decorate your living room with chandeliers hanging from the wire, metal lamps, pillows and large rugs. Although you will feel tempted to opt for darker shades of color, try to add some color to your space if you can by adding a colorful blanket over your sofa, some decorative pillows that have fun prints or opt for colorful furniture that match the overall design of your space.

Create a dashing dining room

The main feature of the industrial design is combining rough surfaces with a clean and modern finish. So when it comes to designing a dining area in your loft apartment, consider decorating the space without overcrowding it with furniture. Just place the essential items, such as a large dining table, preferable made of wood or metal, some wooden chairs and a fireplace to keep yourself warm during the cold winter months.