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Interior Design Tips That Create an Expensive Look…For Cheap!

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One of the questions most commonly posed to interior designers is that of how to make interior living spaces look expensive, without having to spend a fortune. If you have a limitless budget, making every inch of your home look and feel simply exquisite isn’t exactly difficult.  Unfortunately, as 99.9% of the population don’t have anything close to limitless budgets, this just isn’t an option.

So it’s a case of working within your means and approaching interior design as strategically as possible. The good news being that with a proactive approach, it is perfectly possible to create an expensive look on a shoestring. Or if not on a shoestring, at least without spending a fortune.

Simplify Your Styling

For example, one of the things most luxurious and elegant interior living spaces have in common is that they tend to be relatively simple. Chic and sophisticated usually go hand in hand with simplification and organisation. By contrast, clutter generally results in the exact opposite. As such, a good place to start is often by taking stock of what you have, what you need and what you can do without. It might not the necessary to go about a traumatic purge, but you should at least think about having a bit of a clear-out.

Camouflage Your Electronics

Something else that’s common in the majority of sophisticated and luxurious environments is the way in which electronics are kept either hidden or discreet.  Televisions tend to be mounted on walls rather than positioned awkwardly in the middle of the room, stereo systems are kept behind cabinet doors and so on.  And when it comes to those endless miles of cables and connectors, they are usually kept completely out of sight.  If you have electronics of any kind about the place, think about getting a little more discreet with their presentation.

Create a Focus Point

It’s also extremely common for luxurious living spaces to have something of a primary focus point, which captures the eye the moment you enter and brings a sense of balance to the room. Examples include things like large pieces of framed artwork, striking contemporary wall clocks, large ornaments, mirrors, fireplaces and so on.  It’s simply a case of giving the eye something to focus on when entering the room, rather than leaving it to wander aimlessly and not knowing where to land. Mercifully, creating a focus point in this day and age can be both inexpensive and easy to pull off.

Use an Interesting Textile

Then there’s the option of bringing an interesting textile into the room, which could be used to transform the floor, the furniture or anything else lying about the place. Something as simple as an antique rug or a retro throw could have the biggest impact imaginable, creating a space that not only looks expensive, but is also 100% unique to you and you alone. It’s important not to cross the line into the downright tacky, but still…there’s plenty of scope for trial and error.

Larger Artwork

There’s something about larger pieces of art (and wall hangings in general) that immediately comes across as more exclusive and expensive than smaller examples.  Even if the actual at work itself is worth nothing and the frames were purchased for pennies from a charity shop, it is hard not to be immediately drawn-in by large pieces of artwork. By contrast, when you have any number of much smaller frames and wall-mounted items all over the place, it just doesn’t have the same air of exclusivity.  Take a look at your interiors and have a think about which walls could be brought to life with larger artwork, or the hangings of your choosing.

Creative Lighting

Last but not least, we live in a rather fantastic age right now where even the most extraordinary lighting fixtures and technology are comprehensively expensive.  Even the most elaborate LED feature lighting which used to be prohibitively expensive can now be picked up for next to nothing. As such, there’s absolutely no excuse whatsoever for being unimaginative and boring when it comes to interior lighting. Use creative lighting fixtures to highlight your proudest features around the home, create the perfect mood in accordance with the room in question and pay close attention to the shadows.  Even without altering anything else in your home whatsoever, the right lighting could bring about a truly spectacular transformation.