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Keeping your bedroom cosy with these few tips

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In order to sleep well at night, you have to make sure that your bedroom offers the appropriate ambiance. Clutter, overcrowding the room with furniture items or decorative elements, dust, too much or too little natural light – all these elements can lead to not having a good night’s rest. You should take the necessary measurements to transform your bedroom so that you feel the most relaxed when you enter this space. This article should help you notice the elements that transform your bedroom in a place that’s suitable or not suitable for sleeping, from plantation shutters to anything you may thing of. If you follow the pieces of advice in this article, you should be able to enjoy the deepest, most relaxed sleeping of your life in a matter of time. Here are the things you should know:

Natural light – how to find the perfect balance?

During the day, your bedroom should be filled with natural light. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in artificial methods to light up the room, try to find a way to encourage light to get into your bedroom. On the other hand, at night, your room should be protected from any kind of light coming from outside. Complete darkness encourages a good sleep, so go ahead and invest in interior wooden shutters. They are not expensive, they complement well any type of home design, and they are easy to use. This is an investment that will last in time, as wooden shutters are the best alternative for keeping light away from your room. Curtains are a good option too, in case you can’t afford shutters or your room is usually darker. To increase the light and the space inside your bedroom, invest into large mirrors and place them on the wall/on your furniture doors.

Indoor plants are a must

If you want your bedroom to be very welcoming when it comes to going to sleep, you may want to bring in some houseplants. Plants that can be kept indoors and don’t require much maintenance to stay alive are the best option to improve the ambiance in your bedroom. You can place in your bedroom the following house plants:

  • Aloe Vera
  • English Ivy
  • Jade plant
  • Rubber tree
  • Spider plant
  • Snake plant
  • Pothos plant
  • Fig trees

Make sure that you air the room every now and then so that the plants live. Make a schedule for watering them. These plants will purify the air in your home and will help you sleep better at night. Try to select houseplants that are good for bedrooms only.

Best shades for the walls

Finally, in case you plan to renovate your house in the near future, rethink your bedroom colour palette. Nude nuances are the ones that encourage a good night’s sleep, so try to opt for beiges, greys, whites and yellows. In case you don’t know what colour to pick, ask a specialist to recommend a palette or look for sites that offer samples for free. You’d be amazed how much of a different wall paint can make.