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Living in a shipping container – methods to insulate it properly

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One of the most cost-effective solutions people opt for when it comes to buying a new house is shipping containers. There are numerous companies that provide both new and used shipping containers and some of the used ones are in very good shape. However, if you plan to move to such a house, one of the most important things to take into account is proper insulation. Do some research on the internet and look for the best insulation contractor in Toronto. Here are some of the most common insulation methods people opt for when it comes to shipping container houses.

 Blanket insulation

Blanket insulation is one great, cheap method for insulating such a house and protects you from cold and hot weather, as well as from mould. One of the most important criteria in order to benefit from the best results in this case is to have stud walls. You should know that one common blanket insulation type is mineral, which is also known as rock wool. There are many companies on the market that provide fiberglass blanket insulations, so do some detailed research and select the best one that fits your needs and budget. It is worth mentioning that fiberglass should be handled with great care and should be applied only by professionals in order to make sure unpleasant accidents do not happen.

Spray foam insulation

Compared to the one previously mentioned, spray foam insulation is a little bit more expensive, but provides the highest quality. After the foam is applied, a seamless vapour barrier is created, which is meant to protect your house from corrosion or mould installation. What is more, this insulation method is the quickest one, because you do not need too much time in order to install it. One great quality of spray foam is that it is quite flexible and it allows you to spray it into gaps, no matter how big or small those gaps are.

The more eco-friendly solution

It is commonly known that climate changes have affected the planet a lot in the past years and for this reason, more and more people have decided to go for more eco-friendly solutions in nearly all the possible domains, including house insulations. If you are interested in insulating your shipping container house using some eco-friendly methods, one very good choice is wool. You can replace the fiberglass that was also previously mentioned with natural sheep wool. Other alternative is to use cotton. It is for sure that you have some cotton clothes that you do not wear anymore, whether because they became out of date or because they do not fit you. Do not throw them away, but recycle them instead and create a cotton blanket out of those clothes that you can use to insulate your house.

As you can see, these are some great insulation methods you can think of for your shipping container house. Do some research online and look for a professional and reliable company that provides this type of services.