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Main qualities to look for in a nanny

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Having a great and well-paid job comes with both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, you have a great salary to offer your children great living conditions, but on the other hand, you have less time to spend with them. In such cases, hiring a nanny might be the best solution in order to make sure your children are safe while you are at work. The first thing you have to do in this case is some detailed research online to look for the best nanny agency London, because this way you can be sure you are going to hire a professional babysitter. Here is a list of the most important qualities to look for in a nanny.


A nanny should be professional and it is worth mentioning that most nannies available in agencies have certifications in this domain, which is definitely something any parent would like to hear. Ensuring that the babysitter knows exactly what decisions to make and what to do in certain situations is highly important, especially when it comes to special needs children who are suffering from certain medical conditions.


Since it is about working with children, a babysitter should be patient and this is definitely among the most important qualities to have. Everyone agrees that working with kids can be beautiful, but it also requires spending time with them and sometimes even acting childish when around them.


If a babysitter is a serious and “rigid” person, the child might not even want to spend time with them, even if it is about an hour or two every day. The babysitter should be a friendly-type of person and should know what to say and how to act in order to make children trust him or her and not to miss their parents while they are at work. A nanny should always be ready to play “foolish” when being surrounded by children.


Another quality to look for in a nanny is trustworthiness. You are about to leave your child alone with that babysitter for several hours every day, which means that the nanny will have access to your entire house during this period. It is mandatory to make sure the babysitter you are about to hire is a trustworthy person and not only he or she does not steal anything from your house, but also pays attention to what your child is doing. Reading some reviews on that person on the internet or even asking the agency about that babysitter can be great methods to check whether that person’s previous clients were pleased with the services provided or not.


It is recommended to select a nanny that has at least two or three years of experience in this domain, because this will give you confidence that your child is in good hands while you are not home. Nanny agencies are ready to provide you the right type of babysitter you are looking for, so feel free to resort to one and select the person that best fits your needs, interests and budget.