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Minimalist Interior Designs

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The minimalist interior design is a modern design that you can go with for any room of your house. It makes everything look more spacious and clean. What makes the minimalist interior design spectacular is the fact that it combines class with comfort, and form with function without being pretentious. If you want to get some great ideas for minimalist interior designs that you can try yourself, read the following lines.

Simple black and white living room

A classic and perfect minimalist living room design is to use the powerful and pleasant contrast between the colors white and black to create a modern and sophisticated look. The trademark of the minimalist interior design is that it uses as few furniture pieces as possible. Therefore, instead of concentrating on the amount of furniture, you should rather concentrate on how you position it around the living room. When you enter the living room, you must have symmetry. Place two white leather couches facing each other and put between them a black coffee table. On the wall place the TV and a small table beneath it with the surround sound system, just like it’s shown in the picture above. Of course, the walls have to be painted white for the living room to look clean and spacious. On the left and right side of the area with the TV, place two tall plants in containers like in the picture above. It’s a decorative addition that will look spectacular and it will give the living room more personality.

Bathroom with a view

If you have a “green wall” in front of your house that is similar to the one shown in the picture above, take advantage of it to create a beautiful minimalist bathroom with a view. Make the bathroom an all-white heaven to which you add subtle brown decorative pieces like small carpets to make it more spectacular. Place the bathtub next to the windows just like in the picture. If you choose this location for the bathtub you will get to enjoy the best baths of your life due to the magnificent view. Also, make sure to add a glass shower to the mix to be able to see outside when you have to take a quick shower. This minimalist design for the bathroom will surely make you feel more relaxed, and your taste in design will be admired by all your guests.

Keep it simple in the kitchen

As we mentioned before, the minimalist design doesn’t emphasize on furniture pieces. Use this to your advantage when you create a minimalist kitchen like the one in the picture that is shown above and don’t clutter it with appliances that you wouldn’t have used anyway. Keep it simple and stick to the appliances that you actually need, like the refrigerator, the microwave, the coffee maker, the toaster, and the stove. If you play with the colors black and white when you make the minimalist kitchen, the result will be spectacular, to say the least. Use white chairs and black counters with white countertops, and place colorful flowers on a counter that you’re not using to create a colorful distraction.