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Most Efficient Security Cameras for Your Home

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Do you want to increase the security of your home for you, your family members, and your belongings to stay protected? Then read the following lines and choose one of these most efficient security cameras to ensure the protection of your home.

Flir FX WiFi Home Monitoring Camera FXV101-H

For the price of $200, you can monitor the activity that is unfolding in your home with the help of the Flir FX WiFi Home Monitoring Camera FXV101-H. In addition to monitoring your home, this security camera keeps tabs on the temperature and humidity of your home as well. It records video in 1080p. It comes with a microSD card for local storage. It can run on battery for up to 4 hours. If you pay for a subscription plan, you get free cloud storage. This will enable you to save more than two days of video surveillance.


One of the most ingenious security cameras on the market is the Kuna. It can be yours for the price of $200. What makes it ingenious is the fact that it looks exactly like a porch light. With its help, you can keep surveillance on what is unfolding outside of your home. Also, you can check on who is knocking on your door to know whether you want to answer or not. It’s equipped with a 720p Wi-Fi camera. You can check on what it’s streaming live over your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Also, it allows you to talk to the person who is outside your home due to the fact that it comes with a microphone.

Nest Cam

One of the most appreciated security cameras out there is the Nest Cam. It costs only $200 and it looks stunning. It’s a small device that you can place wherever you want around your home. It provides you with 1080p videos. When you’re not at home, it alerts you over your phone if it senses motion or sound in your home. You can check on what is happening when you’re away with the help of the Nest app. This app allows you to see live images that the security camera is recording. Also, you can talk to the people inside your home while you’re away with its help.

Netgear Arlo Security System VMS3230

The Netgear Arlo Security System VMS3230 security camera comes at the price of $350. It costs a little more than the other models on our list due to the fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It records video footage in 720p. It’s completely wireless. It offers great night vision quality. It’s weatherproof. Also, you have free cloud storage with it. This means that you can keep more of the videos that the camera is recording.