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Phone numbers that could come in handy for you and your family

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Having some important numbers pinned down to your family fridge or next to the telephone for unpredictable situations should be a must-have of everyone. Why is that? Because you won’t always have your mobile phone next to you and in certain situations you won’t have the number saved in your memory. As you may have seen in movies, writing down necessary numbers and placing them in your field of view might help lots when needed. You may be wondering what kind of numbers it would be helpful to have nearby so here’s a list with the most used ones:


When owning a TV license it is quite normal to have a helpline to always contact in case you need certain details regarding companies or businesses. For instance, Sky help line number can be contacted and all you have to do is state the company you are looking forward to reaching and they will redirect your call to them. Help lines are extremely comfortable to use and having such number nearby can save you a lot of trouble and unnecessary phone calls. Anyone could use a help line and the costs are minimal. You’ll pay the same amount you would have paid if you called the company yourself, but the difference is that – without a help line – you would have needed to make additional calls to get what you need. If a company is hard to reach, a help line is the best solution and it should not be avoided.

Emergency numbers

If you and your family haven’t memorised yet the emergency numbers in your country, you should. Although, memorising these numbers won’t be enough because in case something dangerous and unpredictable happens, you won’t have the right state of mind to remember them. Placing a post-it note with the most used emergency numbers can be literally life-savers when you least expect it. Usually, placing the frequently used phone numbers on your fridge or somewhere you can always reach is recommended. Also, keep in mind there is a general emergency number which will connect you with the branch needed (police, fire department etc.) but there are specific emergency numbers which will contact directly the branch you are searching for.

Catering and pizza

Everybody knows how frustrating it is to have no idea what to eat next. Yet, when you finally decide what you crave in that respective moment, the trouble of finding contact details for a catering or pizza firm will make you give up. That’s why you should always have food companies’ numbers next to you. When you and your family tend to order a lot of food instead of going shopping, knowing the contact details is paramount to avoid searching for them each time. Making a list with the firms you usually eat from and writing their phone numbers right beside will do the job. It is not difficult and you will be amazed how much of a difference it will make.