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Popular myths about playing golf

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In places like UK or Spain, golf is a more and more popular sport. There are tourists who choose these destinations, only because they want to enjoy this sport and they claim that the playing experience is really enjoyable. But there are also some popular myths about this sport which are also very popular lately. Let’s check if they are true or not.

“Playing golf is an activity for elderly people” or “Playing golf is only for those from the high society class”

Well, these are two of the most common conceptions about golf. And none of them is true. You can play golf, even when you are in your 20s. On the other hand, there are families who think that playing golf is a very good activity for all members. And it is not expensive, if you benefit from cheap golf memberships. Try to join a golf club and you can have a lot of advantages. For example, you can socialise and make some new friends who appreciate this sport too.

“Golf is a sport just for men”

It is true that there are more men than women who play golf, but this does not mean that it is forbidden for a woman to play it. Not to mention that there are women who play extremely good. Just think about Sophie Horn. Moreover, you should not play golf only as a professional. You can do it for fun. It also helps you spend some time outside, where you can enjoy the view and put your thoughts in order.

“Those who wear special golf clothes look ridiculous”

On the contrary, they look fancy and elegant. And believe it or not, there are fashion trends even for those who are keen on this sport. For example, if you plan your holiday in a place where you can play golf or if you a member of a club, you should put some things in your luggage such as a polo t-shirt, a good looking hat and some comfortable trousers. Also, do not forget about sun block lotion if you do not want to burn your skin.

“You cannot play golf without your lucky golf club”

It is true that there are some persons who believe in this superstition, but this is not a general rule. For example, if you join a golf club, you can use their equipment and you will not have to invest more money. Golf equipment can be somehow expensive.