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Practical ways to keep your house warm this winter

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Heating during winter is more often than not a real challenge, especially if temperatures continue to drop.

You probably look for solutions, and fortunately, there are many. Whether you need temporary or permanent heating, the market abounds in heating systems. But you can also take specific actions to keep your home warm during the cold season that are at everyone’s hand.

We are pleased to provide solutions to one of the most common issues people experience during winter.


Obviously or not, home insulation is the most effective way to keep warm air inside your house during the cold (and freezing) months. Unfortunately, not all people know this and turn to ineffective heating methods that bring no results. We know that costs can be unexpectedly high, but it is a long-term investment worth every cent. The best time to install insulation is when renovating or building, but you can also retrofit it to an actual house. Just be sure this is done by specialists and that you choose the best variant for your home. If you live in an area where winter is ruthless, installing insulation with frostsikring would be best for improved comfort during those frosty winter mornings.

Floor heating

Floor heating started gaining ground in real estate as one of the most preferred methods for home warming. The advantages are obvious: it is safer, quieter, evener, and more energy-saving. Unfortunately, you can turn to this heating solution only when building the house and not afterwards since it must be set up before installing flooring.

You can be extra savvy if you consider concrete floors that can soak up the day heat and release it gradually at night. The need for concrete systems has increased as people turned their attention to sustainable and cost-saving solutions in recent years.

Such systems can also distribute energy in the form of heat exactly where it is needed, giving you total control. So, regardless of the outside temperature, you can benefit from evenly distributed heat all over the house and reduce billing costs at the same time. If you are looking for betongarbeid, you can choose from various options; just make sure you pick something that best aligns with your and your home’s needs.


Although this is not state-of-the-art heating, it is still a practical and efficient solution to keep your house warm in winter, especially for a temporary period. Boilers circulate hot water through tubes and then into a radiator, where heat is then released. Water-based heating has long been considered a practical heating solution and a cost-saving one, too, as boilers usually convert fuel into usable heat.

There may also be cases when you need temporary heating solutions after your home suffers damage: moisture, water, fire, or environmental damage. In this situation, you need skadesanering systems that combine air and heat with an adequate temperature rise.