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Present ideas for that one friend who is always late

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We all have that one friend who is always late, not matter if they have to get to work, meet with you at a film, or sign the papers for their new apartment. And every time there is a new reason why they are late, and in this case you cannot do anything to solve this issue, you only have to calm yourself, and try to get used with their chaotic program. However, there are also those people who are always late because they keep forget where they have placed their things, and they spend a lot of time searching them. So when you would asked your friend why they are late, they would probably tell you “I couldn’t find my keys”, and the only thing you can tell them is to place them in a spot where they remember next time. But, if they birthday comes soon, then you have the perfect opportunity to offer them something that would help them get in time, or at least quicker than now.

Bluetooth tracker

This might be the perfect gift for the ones who are keep losing their belongings, because it has a huge range, 50 meters, which would alert them on their phone where the lost item is placed. Depending on the model you are purchasing, it might have a feature that notifies them that they left an item behind, before leaving the room, and they would also indicate to the user the location of the item, in case they are in a big building. In addition, the tag is very useful also when it comes to locating the phone, because your friend could use the device from the keys to ring the phone, even if this one is on silent. Also, if they have a dog and they have troubles in finding him when he runs away in the park, then they could take the tag from their keys and place it on the dog’s collar.

A journal could help them manage their time

People are usually late, because they are not able to manage the activities they have to do, and they misunderstand the notion of time. Moreover, if some people could work with an online calendar, which helps them have a track of the things they have to do daily, some of them simply work better if they have the things written on paper. So if your friend is this type of person, then a journal could help them.

Reminder notes that could be worn

So, you want to make them become more responsible, and show up to the date in time, in this case you should offer them some reminder notes which could be worn. They would only have to write the notes on the reminders and tie them on their wrist; in this way the colourful bracelet, which holds a message on it, would catch their attention. After wearing them for a while, they would feel uncomfortable, and they would try to remember the things they have to do, so they would do their best to not get late to dates.