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Proven ways to comfort your anxious four-legged friend

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Anxiety is not characteristic of only humans – pets can also face anxiety, stress, and fear. So, if you see your dog struggling to go through the day or unhappy at even the most awaited time of the day – meal – then it is time to take action. Your four-legged companion may suffer from anxiety, and they undoubtedly need help. Fortunately, there are many ways to comfort a fearful or anxious puppy, and you will find just some of the most effective in the following lines.

Recognizing the signs of dog anxiety

Among the most common symptoms of anxiety in dogs, we count:

  • decreased appetite
  • trembling
  • lip licking
  • pacing
  • frequent yawning
  • hypervigilance
  • shaking

Your beloved companion may also find it hard to communicate with other dogs or integrate into groups of dogs, and this is similar to human anxiety.

We know you wish the best for your puppy, so we come with some simple yet practical tips to comfort your dog in such testing times:

Remove any trigger that may cause your puppy’s anxiety

Surprisingly or not, your dog might be fearful of other dogs or individuals, and it is important to identify the cause of their stress as soon as possible. The best you can do is to talk to your veterinarian and carefully observe your puppy’s behavior around the neighbor’s dog or the neighbor themselves. If it is revealed that an actual person causes your dog to be afraid, it is better to avoid that person. And be mindful to address the problem before calling for that hundefrisør to take care of your dog’s appearance because it is possible for your dog to get afraid of this person or of grooming itself.

Create a sanctuary space

If you have just brought your dog to the house, making them feel as if they were at home is essential. Creating a quiet space might be the perfect solution in this sense, where your dog can simply turn off all the input and relax. You can also soothe the atmosphere using some scents, particularly pheromones – substances that imitate natural calming chemicals produced by pets. Mellow music can also help, especially albums like “Through a Dog’s Ear”. However, be sure that if you take your puppy to a kennel, they dispose of such a quiet space dedicated to pets that are not that much into people – or other fellows.

Keep them occupied while you are out

It is common for dogs to experience separation anxiety, that is, feel incredibly anxious, insecure, or fearful when their owner is not at home. So, if you have a pet of this kind, you should be mindful of keeping them occupied while you are in town for business. Sending them to a hundepensjonat may help, as they benefit from the company of other dogs and, at the same time, improve their social skills. Such places can do wonders, but before choosing one, ensure it meets all the safety and hygiene conditions.


Your dog’s anxiety needs patience and care – but we are sure you love your companion enough to give them all that.