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Rules to organize a successful treasure hunt for adults

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Invite your fellow parent friends and other adults in your family to enjoy an entertaining afternoon hunting for treasures. Sometimes it may be stressful to deal with children, a job and house chores, so reserving a weekend for you and your adult fellows is a good way of relaxing. Our idea of relaxing yet entertaining weekend consists in organizing a treasure hunt. Web pages like provide the perfect tools for this kind of activity. Below are a few steps to follow when organizing a treasure hunt.

1. Settle for the right location

In order to organize this properly, settle for a suitable location. A cabin in the woods would be perfect, but your backyard would also do. There are no restrictions when choosing a location, but you will need a lot of space, considering the fact that there are going to be at least two teams of adults. The number of adults involved should be your primary concern, because your backyard could be too small.

2. Find the right tools

Items like shovels, torches and a metal detector are essential for a successful treasure hunt. Make a list of items to hide and bury like chests, coins or goblets, as well as prizes for the winning team.

3. A set of rules

For the safety of the members of all teams, you are going to need a set of rules:

  • Stick together. Members should not split at any time, especially if the hunt takes place at night. Even in daytime, it is easy to find yourself lost in a forest, so it is a good advice for all members to stick together.
  • Respect the members of your team as well as the members of the opponent teams. Opposing ideas escalade quickly into conflicts and by respecting all the participants you make sure you are going to be friends with then even after the treasure hunt.
  • At least one member of each team should bring a cellphone in case of emergency.
  • Always clean up after you finish the hunt. Respect the nature!
  • Fair play is essential. Nobody likes cheaters, so you want to make sure your image remains impeccable. Furthermore, the cheating team will be disqualified.
  • Avoid disturbing other persons. Do not interfere with other people whom might be involved in other activities in the woods (a picnic, maybe) and do not disturb them.

We gave you a guideline in order to organize a treasure hunt for adults. Depending on your personal preferences, vary the tasks, rules and prizes. Buy a few essentials for the hunt, maybe organize a barbeque afterwards, but keep in mind that the main reason behind this is feeling good with your friends and family. Competition is important, but avoid unnecessary drama. After all, it is all about feeling good, forgetting about your stressful job and home chores. At the end of the day they will still be there, so enjoy yourself while you can!