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Rustic Bathroom Decors

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When you think of the rustic style, you picture boring items inspired by the lives of simple people who knew little about comfort. You couldn’t be more wrong because the rustic style can be a beautiful combination of items made of natural materials combined with elegant and refined touches. The following rustic bathroom decors are proof that you can enjoy luxury even if you prefer a more natural interior style.

  • This gorgeous wooden sink is the perfect embodiment of all the details the rustic design includes. First of all, it’s made of half of a wood log that has been polished and lacquered so the water coming from the tap will not damage it. It’s secured to the walls using large chains that add to the rustic air and the rest of the details are chosen in the same natural and simple style.
  • This cute rustic bathroom has walls decorated with tiles that mimic the brick facade of old houses and the floors have small stone tiles that complete the décor. The small wooden tub in the center that resembles a barrel is the centerpiece of this rustic bathroom. There is also a very simple-looking shower that matches the copper lampshades of the ceiling lamps.
  • Although this is a bathroom decorated in the rustic style, it’s a very elegant and sophisticated bathroom consisting of precious materials like granite, stainless steel, and glass. The items chosen are very modern but the combination of natural materials and colors make it look very rustic. The stylish sink matches the tiles on the walls and the walk-in shower completes the rustic yet elegant bathroom design.
  • This is another decor idea that combines modern details with ones that are specific to the rustic design. The old wooden cabinet perfectly matches the large wooden mirror on the wall and makes you think of an old country house. The detailed tiles on the walls make this bathroom stand out with their interesting shape and print that resemble ocean waves. Decorations like the vintage lamp or the wicker baskets under the sink reinforce the feeling of a rustic bathroom.
  • This bathroom says rustic with ever detail it includes starting with the gorgeous stone floor and all the way to the wooden cabinets and mirror. However, it’s very sophisticated and elegant, being perfect for those who like the simplicity of the rustic style but also want to enjoy the advantages of the finest materials. There is also a walk-in glass shower and a marble large tub for the ultimate relaxation.