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Rustic Garden Ideas

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One of the most beautiful designs for a garden is the rustic design. When you enter a rustic garden you are suddenly reminded of your childhood. The simplicity of its design makes the rustic garden an irresistible choice to go with. It’s low maintenance and it has a charm that sets it apart from all other types of gardens. If you want to turn your garden into a rustic garden, you have to read the following lines to get some great ideas for it.

Pave with old bricks or cobblestones

The rustic garden look can only be achieved if you make the right choices. You have to be careful not to add modern details to the rustic garden, or else you will ruin its appearance. Therefore, instead of using new pavers, use old bricks or cobblestones to create the ideal rustic garden. They are cheaper materials to use. Also, no matter if you go with old bricks or cobblestones as pavers, you will give the garden a vintage vibe that is essential to the rustic design.

Rusty metal gate

To create the perfect entrance in your rustic garden, use a rusty metal gate. You can either buy one or make it yourself using reclaimed barn timbers and an old saw. It’s a small addition that has a great visual impact. After all, the first impression is the one that sticks, so make it a good one with the rusty metal gate.

Use steel garden furniture

One of the most iconic rustic garden designs is the steel garden furniture. In America, steel garden furniture used to be very popular in the 1950s. Today it can be difficult to find this type of furniture. But if you are thorough in your search and you go to garage sales and flea markets, you will surely find the perfect steel garden furniture to use in your rustic garden. The pieces of furniture that you have to buy to create the perfect visual effect are a table and 2-4 chairs. They won’t cost you much and they will add beauty and practicality to your garden.

Stick to a palette of colors

Every garden has a spot of color in it. As opposed to any other type of garden, when you create a rustic garden you have to limit yourself when it comes to the palette of colors that you use. Instead of playing with various bright colors, find a soothing and pleasant combination between 2-3 colors and stick with it for all the flowers that you plant in the garden.