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Shabby Chic Design Ideas For The Living Room

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If you’re tired of the way your living room looks and you want to make an impressive change, go with the shabby chic design. It’s not pretentious and you can easily make the change while staying on a budget. Therefore, if you want to turn your living room into a shabby chic paradise, read the following lines to get some great design ideas.

Rustic shabby chic living room

When you create the shabby chic look, you can be easily tempted to overdo it with the accessories and decorations. If you want to impress, it’s better to go with a design like the one shown in the picture above. Keep things simple. Don’t overdo it with the bulky furniture. Leave space for you to move around more easily. Also, when you pick the accessories don’t go for big and imposing pieces. It’s better to put together only a couple of rustic wall decorations and leave as much free space as you can. To put together the perfect rustic shabby chic design for the living room, place a treasure chest shaped wooden table in front of the couch. It will add a rustic feel to the decor while maintaining the charm of the shabby chic design.

Modern shabby chic living room

The modern shabby chic living room is all about space and comfort. As it’s shown in the picture above, you don’t have to clutter the entire place with decorations and furniture. A cream colored couch with 2-3 armchairs around it, a glass table, 1-2 carpets, some wall decorations, and a couple of plants will do the trick. The modern shabby chic living room has to pop out of the ordinary somehow. The best way to do it is by creating a distraction with the help of a painting or picture. Turn away from the soft color tones normally used in this design and add a lively colored painting on the wall behind the couch to create a focus point that pops out of the decor.

Vintage shabby chic living room

It doesn’t get classier than the vintage shabby chic design. If you want to drink a glass of tea in the most stylish environment, try recreating the living room design shown in the picture above. A vintage white sofa and 1-2 chairs, a marble coffee table, and a long and old-looking carpet beneath the table will make it seem like you are entering into another era when you go into the living room. The ideal decorative pieces for the vintage shabby chic living room are a large vintage mirror that you place on the wall behind the sofa and a big vintage clock like the one shown in the picture. Therefore, if you feel like transporting yourself into another time period every time you drink your coffee in the living room, go with this design.