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Shabby Chic Garden Decors

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Although it’s sometimes associated with the romantic or vintage style, the shabby chic style is distinguished by objects with delicate shapes and pastel colors, offering a romantic and dreamy feel. You can easily draw inspiration from the shabby chic style to decorate your garden with taste but if you don’t know what decorations go well in your garden, rest assured because today we will show some creative shabby chic garden decor.

Flower arrangements

If you live in a house with old architecture or you want your outdoor space to be decorated in the same style the starting point would be the flowers. The white and pink roses that climb the arcade will fit perfectly in your landscape. If the house is surrounded by a wooden fence, you can try to paint it white. One of the symbols of the shabby chic style is the metal watering can filled with flower bouquets. Decorate your garden with these accessories to make your garden look unique and bohemian at the same time.

Glass lanterns

The romantic light and shadow create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere in any space, as long as light choices are used with good taste. For a successful ambient light, try candlelight, making sure to place candles in special holders. You can use vintage candle holders or colored glass lanterns. Vintage garden glass decorations are highly valued in this season. You can place them on the grass, on the table or hang a collection of lamps among the trees.

Carefully choose the outdoor furniture

For the seating area you can use old furniture that have a vintage look. So do not throw an old rocking chair or bench, simply place it on the terrace, covered by an old blanket and some soft pillows. A real advantage of this style is that it allows you to use old things, such as furniture and a variety of house items such as buckets, watering cans, ladders or pots to decorate your garden and make it look romantic and peaceful at the same time.

Choose pastels and natural materials

Colors are essential in this context. To shape a shabby-chic decor, choose light shades, bright, pastel colors (white, cream, gray, pink, purple, green, yellow, etc.). These colors can be found on the tablecloth, chair pads or seating furniture (sofa, chairs etc.). Choose fabrics that are made from natural materials such as linen or cotton, with floral prints. You can easily achieve a shabby chic look in your garden by placing some painted china and glassware on a floral tablecloth and some pots of roses or lilies.